🌟Chateau Ferriere 法拉利正牌 2014 三級酒莊🌟


Chateau Ferriere創立於 Gabriel Ferriere 先生之手,有百餘年的歲月莊園都是 Ferriere家族的物業,直到1914 年才被出售。之後,莊園幾經轉手,接近破敗的局面。因為沒有實際可供釀酒的建築物,有很長一段時間,Chateau Ferriere 的酒是租借 Lascombes 酒莊的場地與設備來生產酒品,葡萄園面積也荒癈萎縮到僅剩下四公頃不到 !!! 直至1988 年,Villars 家族入主 Chateau Ferriere後,終於讓這座蒙塵的三級列級酒莊有了重生的契機。2000 年,Villars 家族進行家產分配,現任莊主 Claire Villars 管理Chateau Ferriere、Chateau La Gurgue與 Chateau Haut Bages Liberal


產地: Margaux, France

葡萄品種: 68% Cabernet Sauvignon 30% Merlot 31%, 2% Cabernet Franc



評分 James Sucking: 94 eRobertParker: 92 Who says that Margaux has to be a “feminine” wine? This has intense red currant and delicate savory notes on the nose, but on the palate it’s a tight, firm wine that has some real power and excellent aging potential. From biodynamically grown grapes. Try drinking in 2020. Feb 2017, www.jamessuckling.com Score: 94/100 James Suckling

三級酒莊Chateau Ferriere 法拉利正牌 2014